Preventative Dentistry

Dental examination

“Prevention is better than a cure”. At will St Dental, we offer a comprehensive dental examination to detect any early signs of dental problems. (ie decays, gum diseases, oral cancers) Most dental problems can be either prevented, reversed or treated easily if detected at early stage, saving treatment costs and times. We and Australian Dental association recommended 6 monthly dental examination.

Scale and Clean

Accumulation of dental plaque and tartar causes a bad breathe, gingivitis (red, swollen gums) and periodontitis (loss of teeth supporting structures – gum and bone). Regular scale and clean will remove dental plaque and tartar to prevent gum diseases, bad breath and we will give advice on how to improve home oral hygiene as well. Scale and clean will remove any staining formed on outside of the teeth from food.

Dental Radiographs

We take intra-oral radiographs. (x-rays taken inside the mouth) X-rays are taken as:-

  1. As part of a comprehensive examination to check health of existing fillings and teeth supporting structures
  2. Aid for diagnosis of dental pain.
  3. Part of dental treatment ie dental extractions and root canal treatment

We do use latest digital radiograph equipment to minimise the radiation dose. Some dental treatment do need extra-oral radiographs (x-rays taken outside the mouth) and we do referral to have them taken.  

Fissure sealants

All teeth are formed with grooves and pits. Some of these grooves and pits can be deep and narrow making them higher risks of decays as it can be very hard to keep them clean.

If we notice these problems, we do recommended that we place a fissure sealant (thin coating) to have easier to keep them clean decreasing risks of tooth decay.

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